You may have heard about the Reform Act which has recently been in the news.  It is a Private Member’s Bill introduced by MP Michael Chong and it proposes to do the following:

  • Ensure that decisions pertaining to candidate nominations are made locally and are binding.
  • Formalize the procedure for the expulsion and re-admission of caucus members.
  • A party leadership review would be triggered by a written notice of 15% of caucus members. Results of the review will be determined by a majority vote by secret ballot.
  • The Caucus Chair would be elected by a majority vote of caucus members and by a secret ballot.

With Private Members Bills, Members of Parliament are free to vote without being “whipped” by their party leadership.  Laurie would like to know your thoughts on this legislation.  It is important that all constituents have a say and are given the opportunity to voice their concerns or ideas.

As with most legislation, there are different perspectives.  Please find below some pros and cons that have been raised about the Reform Act since it was introduced.


  • Gives more power to the local party Electoral District Association to select candidates.
  •  Involves caucus in the decision making process of the expulsion or re-admission of caucus members.
  • Makes the leader of the party more accountable to caucus and gives Members of Parliament the ability to call for a leadership review.
  • Strengthen caucus as a decision-making body.



  • Might allow candidates to be nominated who may not support the principles of the party.
  • 15% of caucus members is too low to cause a leadership review.
  • Gives caucus members too much power by giving them the option to cause a leadership review while subverting the wishes of the membership

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